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How to read a poem

This is a must-see online site, with its opportunities to feature, one of the best poetry books you’ll find anywhere else, and the offer of a $1,000 scholarship in poetry for life. An initiative of the American poet laureate Ted Kooser, ALPoetry offers a free downloadable poem with comments every week. It also contains an archive of hundreds of often humorous, sometimes deeply moving poems, which always speak of a place and a purely American spirit.

Highlighting poetry as an oral tradition, this site features poets with fewer than two published collections. What matters are not the names on the poems, but the poems themselves, presented in the voice of their creators. With more than 500 audio files, the site offers users an insight into how emerging poets think and practice their craft.

The student or professor of serious poetry can’t go wrong with MAPS, which includes more than 30,000 pages of online biographies, critical essays, programs and images for more than 160 modern poets. For some poets, this is the only source of scholarly commentary. The detailed analyses of poems and ephemera related to poetry are remarkable.

Not everyone can “get” a poem by reading it. MotionPoems animates words in a way that reveals meaning through a wonderfully creative use of music and graphics.

No site does better than PennSound to document, preserve and make easily accessible historical and contemporary sound recordings that you won’t find anywhere else.

I like the way poets are distinguished among the larger group of writers. The resource mine includes unprecedented databases of literary magazines, presses, agents, competitions, writers’ tools, readings and workshops. The “My P-W” community is active and supportive.

Cheeky Harriet, the foundation’s blog, makes it clear that poetry does not equate to rigidity. Notable sites include a learning lab, children’s poetry, podcasts, videos and selections from the estmimable Poetry. The poems are searchable by school/period, region and century, and are accessible using the latest technologies.